Return to Classroom GuidanceReturn to Classroom Guidance

Reed Business School Guidance for students attending face to face classroom commencing from mid August 2021.

This document details the guidance we will be providing to employers, students and all visitors to manage a staged and gradual return to offering courses in a face to face classroom environment.

Courses will continue to be available on a remote live on-line basis to run in conjunction with classroom face to face courses.  Additional presentation facilities to include a classroom camera, microphone and speakers will provide students attending remotely or face to face the functionality to see and hear the tutor with both classroom and remote students being able to hear one another so all can verbally contribute to the class.

All courses will remain taught within the Teams platform and all students will need to attend with their personal computer.

Accommodation and meals will be provided but these will be on a reduced and limited capacity with single room accommodation only and subject to availability.

Whilst we are very keen to welcome all our students back to the Manor, we will be following Government guidance and doing so on a gradual basis to make sure our procedures are working and all visitors and staff have a comfortable and safe return to a classroom setting.  We also understand some students will want to continue to attend on a remote basis to suit their personal circumstances or maybe required to as a result of COVID-19 restrictions so attendance on a remote live on-line basis will continue to be available for all classes.

In our planned phased return, we will limit the number of students we have on-site and depending upon the demand we may not be able to accommodate everybody’s first choice.  Whilst we will do our best to meet each and every preference, if the demand to attend the Manor and our residential facilities outnumbers our reduced capacity, places will be allocated at the discretion of the Business School. This will be decided on a fair and practical logistical basis.

The current situation remains dynamic and we will continue to respond accordingly which may impact upon how and when we increase capacity over the coming weeks and months.

To help provide a safe and comfortable return, you are instructed not to attend the Business School if you have any COVID symptoms or you have a positive test result.  For those who have returned from international travel within 10 days prior to attending a course, please follow the current Government guidelines

The Business School strongly recommends the following for all staff and visitors attending the Manor:

  1. To participate in the NHS COVID-19 vaccination programme as soon as you become eligible. To find out more about the vaccination programme, please visit the NHS website for further information. Coronavirus (COVID-19) vaccination – NHS (
  2. To participate in a lateral flow device test (LFDs) twice a week with the first test taken on the morning before arriving at the Business School. Thereafter you will be asked to take a LFD on day 4 of course start date and there after every 4 days for the duration of the course.  Information on how to get tests are detailed on the NHS website Regular rapid lateral flow coronavirus (COVID-19) tests – NHS (
    PLEASE NOTE: this is a RBS requirement, if you do not wish to participate in LFD please contact RBS
  3. All test results should be reported online to NHS Test and Trace and you follow the current Government guidance Report a COVID-19 rapid lateral flow test result – GOV.UK (
  4. Install the NHS COVID-19 App on your mobile device with scan settings enabled The NHS COVID-19 app support website – NHS.UK (
  5. Register upon arrival via the NHS app. Any who do not have the App will be required to sign in The NHS COVID-19 app support website – NHS.UK (
  6. Complete a questionnaire before arriving to confirm you do not have any COVID-19 symptoms or have been advised or instructed to isolate
  7. We will request face masks are provided by you and worn when moving around the building or residential communal areas. It will remain your choice if you wish to use a face mask whilst in class


In addition to the above recommendations, the Business School team will be doing the following:

  1. Following the Government guidance to ventilate all areas where possible and we therefore advise visitors to have appropriate layered clothing to help us maintain a comfortable teaching environment whilst providing adequate ventilation
  2. Encouraging students to use the garden and grounds during break times
  1. An enhanced cleaning regime will be in place and all visitors will be asked to use the same classroom desk for the duration of their studies
  2. Encourage visitors to wash their hands more thoroughly and regularly and/or use the hand sanitising dispensers
  3. Continue to display signage to promote good respiratory hygiene by promoting the ‘catch it, bin it, kill it’ approach
  4. Any member of staff or visitor who has symptoms or tests positive or any has reason to belief they should do so will be asked to leave at the earliest opportunity and continue their attendance (assuming they are well enough to do so) via remote live on-option or catch up on class recordings
  5. If a tutor is required to self isolate, we will do as much as possible to avoid any unnecessary disruption and continue to provide the course with the tutor presenting remotely
  6. Any accommodation that has been reserved and is not used for any reason will be subject to a cancellation charge

Isolation guidance at Reed Business School

This guidance covers all staff, students, tutors, contractors and visitors.

Any person who feels unwell or has been advised to isolate prior to arriving at Reed Business School must not attend.

Any person (including staff, students, tutors and visitors) who feel unwell after their arrival, should immediately leave the Business School taking their possessions with them.  If public transport has been used to travel to the Manor, please make arrangements to be collected as you should not use public transport if unwell.   If this is not possible, arrangements can be made to isolate in one of Reed Business Schools’ residential cottages.  Please note this will incur a residential charge.

The Admin team should be notified by telephone on 01608 674224 to confirm if you are unwell and returning home.  Please DO NOT visit the reception office or the Manor in person.

When any staff, student, tutor or visitor is advised that someone they have been in close contact with has tested positive, they will need to isolate for 10 days if not fully vaccinated.  If you have received both vaccinations (and more than 14 days prior to receiving a ping from NHS Covid-19 app) you will not be required to isolate, however Government guidance recommends you have a PCR test as soon as possible.   You will not be required to self isolate whilst waiting for the PCR result however the Business School recommends you wear a face mask until you receive the test result.  If your result is negative no further action is required.  If your PCR test is positive you will be required to self isolate for 10 days regardless of your vaccination status.

The results of all tests should be reported to NHS Covid-19 app regardless of the result.

Any student attending an accountancy class who is required to isolate will be able to attend the course remotely and catch up on any missed sessions.

Updated: 17/08/2021

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